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oldtowtruck-300x194It was 1951 and times were changing. Automobiles were becoming a part of everyday life. Daniel Sambucci Sr. saw an opportunity to start a business, but didn’t have the funds or means to do so. He convinced his mother to let him borrow some money, and he and his brothers had no idea what they were about to start. After 18 hour days and years of hard work, the Sambucci Brothers were on there way to success. Currently represented by three generations, the business has grown to be a leading supplier of recycled auto parts and a top automotive recycler. Over the years, Sambucci Brothers has earned its reputation by providing its customers with quality recycled auto parts, outstanding service, and professionalism. Here at Sambucci Brothers, we believe in the phrase “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.” By selling recycled auto parts and recycling automobiles, we feel that were doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint. As we look to the future of Sambucci Brothers Auto Salvage, we will be “MOVING FORWARD BY RECYCLING THE PAST.”